Lisa Jetonne
Named after a waitress who served her father pie and coffee on a cross-country road trip, Lisa Jetonne is an identical twin. The sisters studied chemistry and biology together, one becoming a clinical microbiologist while the other worked in conservation ecology and animal sciences for more than a decade before returning to college to study art.

I’m preoccupied with how a perception, object, or principle can be one thing and at the same time be something contrasting, opposite, even immiscible. My aim is to expose this, peel back the seams. I'm promiscuous about media, exploiting the characteristics of whatever medium serves to illustrate a tendency. At the crux of my process is the belief that no material is ever fully separable from its history. Even when that history is unknown. The origin persists at the core, while time and ambiguity condense around it, and layered misinterpretation accumulates chapters in its story that are as concrete and undeniable as the original truth, the opening sentence. – Lisa Jetonne