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All of the canned trash in Pickle was collected by from Point Reyes National Seashore by artists who work with marine debris, and kindly loaned it to me.

Several major ocean currents flow around the perimeter of the Pacific basin; in the middle is one of 5 gyres in the world where plastic debris collects. Some debris carried across the Pacific is swept up by perimeter currents and eventually lands on shores in Pacific northwest states or areas of California north of San Francisco.

The brown bottles are also ocean trash; they once contained taurine energy drinks, marketed as a daily supplement in many Asian countries. Taurine is a derivative of an amino acid (technically not an amino acid itself, since it lacks a carboxyl) naturally found in the flesh of mammals and fish. We need taurine for many physiological processes, but human bodies biosynthesis all the taurine we need; dietary taurine supplements are neither beneficial nor detrimental. These bottles are filled with rock salt evaporated from San Francisco Bay.

The brine used to can the plastic debris is a homemade non-iodized sodium chloride solution, also made from bay rock salt, in a 2% salinity, which is typically used to preserve foods such as carrots, green beans, cauliflower, and radishes.

Pickle detail
Pickle detail