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Pickle: noun 1. food preserved in brine 2. a difficult plight or problem.

Pickle traveled to several exhibition sites over a period of months: the Point Reyes main visitor center, the California State Fairgrounds, and Pence Gallery in Davis, CA.

This project was possible due to the contributions of a group who roam beaches and harbors and shore waters, and who collected the hundreds of pounds of plastic debris that I dug through, selected, washed, sorted, canned, and pickled in brine. Most are artists who use marine debris in their own artwork; their contributions were returned to them after the projects finished touring the exhibition sites. This project is no longer extant.

Point Reyes plastic contributors:
Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang and

Richard James

Jodi Gollnick

Cabrillo plastic contributors:
Tavio del Rio, National Park Service ranger
Cabrillo Conservancy volunteers
Lizz Atwater