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Glimpse is an architectural element, a mile-long line drawing, and a sculptural object. Dividing space throughout the 5 floors of a residential hotel slated for demolition in downtown Sacramento. Beginning as a looming mass hanging over the lobby entrance it zigs and zags through hallways, rooms, and stairwells; dominates a 3rd floor closet; exits and returns through a roof access door, and terminates in another mass hanging from the topmost fire escape.

Zippers create openings and closures we process as inherently temporary, much like architectural fenestrations such as doors and windows, indicating "otherness". When we zip or unzip clothing or tents or sleeping bags, we activate a reassuring environmental control, a deliberate tincture of "otherness" allowed in, with implied expectation of future ability to reverse direction, to re-fenestrate. Divested of its usual soft substrate, the zipper becomes a form of mark-making: marks that play with environmental perceptions, afford glimpses of the building’s embedded visual history, direct sightlines, filter viewership, and are responsive to the building itself.

As a sculptural objects, zippers are ordinary, ubiquitous, and ignorant of class distinction. A closely observed alternating pattern of rounded teeth is repetitive, even reliable, and soothingly dull. Pull back; pull forward. Open; close. Pass; obstruct. It’s effective, and simultaneously illusory.

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